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Apr 07, 2019 | Jarrod Cloud

Week 2: The Whipping Post

Isaiah 53:5

In week 2 of our series Pastor Jarrod speaks about the story of the whipping post and the cat of 9 tails. He will tell of how Jesus was wounded and bruised.

Today we all have wounds and bruises we need healing from. At the end of the service follow along with Pastor Jarrod in the special prayer and be set free you from all those strongholds.

Scripture References:
Rom 3:23
Heb 10:4
Psa 32:1
Col 2: 13-14
Lam 5:7
Exo 20:5
Mic 7:18
Titus 2:14
Luke 4:18
Isa 10:27
Exo 20: 5-6
Exo 12:3-8
Psa 105:37

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Series Information

A 4 week Series planned for Easter